Understanding Louis Vuitton’s Date Codes

To show when and where a particular LV product was made, Louis Vuitton includes a date code bearing a combination of letters and numbers in the bags. This number is not unique like the one found in Chanel bags because Louis Vuitton could produce multiple items on the same date. This number also cannot be viewed as a serial number either.

Date codes serve as a very important authentication step when you want to acquire a pre-loved LV bag. Our LV date code checker will help you ascertain the authenticity of your LV purse date code.

What is a Louis Vuitton Date Code?

Louis Vuitton combines letters and numbers that form a date code which helps customers learn where and when a product was made. A Louis Vuitton Date Code is not as unique as a Chanel bag’s serial number and shouldn’t even be considered a serial number in the first place.

Date codes are usually a combination of characters and letters. The letters indicate the country where the product was made while the numbers show the date and year of production. You can follow the format of the code to discover your bag’s age!

Some LV bags have no Date codes

  • All bags produced before 1980: All Louis Vuitton bags made before 1980 do not have date codes. You won’t also find these codes in the vintage bags made by the French company.


  • The first part of the 1980s: You’d find three to four numbers in bags made during this period. The first two numbers stand for the year while the last number stands for the month. Take a number like “818” for instance; it says manufactured in August 1981.


  • The early to late 1980s: during this period, LV Date Codes have three to four numbers and two letters. Here, the first two numbers represent the Year of production, the next one or two numbers stand for the month while the last two letters stand for the country where production took place (take a look at the right sidebar for the factory location codes). A number like “8511VX” shows November 1985 as the production date while the letter VX indicates a factory in France. In the late 1980s, the letters indicating the country where production took place were placed before the numbers indicating the manufacturing date.


  • 1990 – 2006: this period witnessed two letters followed by four numerals. The first two letters indicated the location of the production factory, the 1st and 3rd numbers stood for the month while the 2nd and 4th numbers indicated the year of production. A number like “VI1025” represents a factory in France, and December 2005 is the production year.


  • 2007 till today: This period witnesses two letters followed by four numbers. The first two letters indicated the location of the production factory, the 1st and 3rd numbers stood for the week of the year in which production took place while the 2nd and 4th numbers represented the year of production. A number like “FO3057” stands for a factory located in Italy, 35 stands for the manufacturing week which falls within May 2007.

Country Codes as Used by Louis Vuitton.

NB: This list is not complete. Some Louis Vuitton aficionados in our team collated all of these from open sources

France A1, A0, A2, AAS (Special Order), AA, AH, AR, AN, AS, BC (charms), BA, BE, BU, BJ, DK (replaced, relined items), DU, DR, DT, CT, CO, CX, FL, ET, LA, LU, LM, LW, LY, MI, ML, MB, MM, NO, MS, RA, SA, RI, SD, SK, SF, SL, SP, SN, SR, TJ, TA, TH, TR, TN, TS, VI, TY, VX, VM,
Spain BP, BC, JJ (straps, belts), CA, LW, LB, UB, LM, LO, GI
Italy BO, BC, CE, FK, FH, FN, FP, FO, FY, MA, FZ, NZ, PL, OB, RC, SA, RE, TD, TB
Germany OL, LP
Switzerland  FA, DI

Where can One Find Louis Vuitton Date Codes?

A date code is usually found within the pocket of the handbag, close to the sews.

If you want to locate the date code of your bag, look closely at the inside pocket. You’ll discover the date code stamped onto the bag’s lining or printed on a small leather tag inside the pocket. You should look very closely especially with bags sporting Alcantra lining because the date code may be very faded and almost invisible.

The most popular bags and the location of their date codes:

LV Speedy: you will find the date code beneath the internal pocket, right on one of the two leather tabs.

The Neverfull: You’ll find the date code beneath the pocket, to the right (when you’re facing the pocket)

The Neverfull Epi: You’ll find the date code on the handle, on the spot where the handle meets the top leather trim.

Could Louis Vuitton Date Codes be Considered Unique?

These codes are not unique. It is normal to find more than one product with the same date code because several Louis Vuitton products can be produced in the same factory, in the same week. But this doesn’t happen so often.

Does Louis Vuitton Include Date Codes on Receipts?

You’ll find item numbers that look something like “M12345” on Receipts but no date codes on receipts.

Nevertheless, to do a legit check of the receipt, you can read the date codes and compare them with the date on the receipts to know if an item was purchased after it was produced.

Authenticating a Louis Vuitton Bag through the Date Codes

Most people think a bag is authentic if the date code is legit yet this may not be entirely true. Fakers have learned to make a nigh perfect copy of the date codes which means you can find a fake bag with a legit date code.

To check authenticity, you must consider several important factors. You can learn the best ways to authenticate an LV bag by taking our Louis Vuitton authentication course.  If you must authenticate using date codes, you must consider the font, font color, location of the date code in the bag, and other tiny details.