A Look at some of the Differences Between Real and Fake Leather

Can you spot the differences between a real leather bag and faux leather? We believe you should use only the best real leather. This is because the best materials give the best products.

real vs fake leather

With the product innovations of recent times, ‘fake’ and ‘PU’ leather has witnessed a surge in usage. While we think it’s fantastic that more people are going for the leather because of its look, we assume the durability, quality, and appearance of a real leather bag indicates that a fake just isn’t a substitute for the real bag.

Here are the top 5 ways through which you can tell the difference between real vs fake leather bags:

1. Feel

When you touch real leather, you will notice that it stretches and wrinkles a bit (just as your skin would!). Fake or synthetic will not behave like our skin and will return to its natural shape after applying pressure from your finger.

Real leather will likely feel warm when you touch it like the skin of an animal. Machine-made leather is rather cold.

2. Price

When it comes to leather, what you pay for is exactly what you get. Real leather will often be much more expensive than faux leather, so you have to look at the pros and cons prior to buying.

We believe a real leather bag to be an investment. Yes, it may be worth a little more, but it is rather a quality piece that will only become better with use and will stay with you for as long as possible.

3. Look

Look at the exterior parts of the skin. Real leather consists of animal skins and you’ll notice common flaws and deficiencies. Evidence of nonuniformity is just a good sign in leather. It should be unique as two animal hides can’t look precisely the same way. Leather made with machines will produce no imperfections and will appear unusually even.

4. Sturdiness

Real leather has a longer lifespan than fake leather. Good leather is made for long-term use in harsh conditions. Fake leather is not meant for harsh conditions and will wear very soon.

Also, real leather builds character with time. As the main hide is not meant to serve as a perfect or uniform pattern, more wear and tear will only increase the value and desirability of a particular bag. With adequate care, a genuine leather bag will appear better the more you use it. Faux leather does not age well.

5. Smell

Real leather has the smell of real leather. If at one point, you’ve smelled a real leather car seat or real leather jacket, your nose should have an idea of the kind of smell to get. An organic, natural, skin scent is a definite way to know if what you have is real leather. The smell can be a bit hard for new leather bags. Some buyers adore this smell, while a few others don’t like it that much. Whichever way, the smell will go away after some time.

Fake leather usually gives a chemical, plastic odor. The true leather scent can’t be replicated adequately in faux leather bags.