The Most Popular Designer Handbags In The World

Despite the fact that the year 2020 was an unusual one, it is obvious that the sale of designer bags remains steady amidst the uncertainty. This blog aims to expose you to the world’s most popular designer handbags according to a review of search statistics.

the most popular brands of designer bags

The Most Popular Brands of Designer Bags

Let us begin with a few of the most popular luxury brands in the world such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent. Analysis of Google search traffic for brand names in 2020 reveals data on the most popular brand. Right now, we want to know which is the overall most popular brand.

According to the statistics, the most popular luxury brand is actually Gucci Next are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint Lauren, and Hermes. Search data differs in different countries, but this is an analysis based on global search data.

China seems to be leading the growth of Hermes as it is clearly ahead in searches for the luxury fashion brand. Louis Vuitton is a clear favorite in countries like Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Other brands showed overall appeal but didn’t have a distinctive lead in any part of the world.

The Most Popular Gucci Bags

So which Gucci bags are the most searched for? You might be a bit surprised by the results.

Gucci Belt Bag is the most searched for Gucci bag with more than 18000 searches in a year. The popularity of the bag belt mostly comes from searches in the United States and Canada for their favorite Gucci belt bag. Check out the following top 5 Gucci bags with the most Google searches, ranked according to the number of searches (the first being the highest).

  • Gucci Bag Belt
  • Gucci Marmont Bag
  • The Gucci Tote Bag
  • The Gucci Bag Dionysus
  • The Gucci Camera Bag

The Most Popular Louis Vuitton Designer Bags

Louis Vuitton is the most famous designer brand in the world with its famous monogram print. But which of the bag styles do Louis Vuitton addicts love the most? Check them out here…

  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull
  • Louis Vuitton Alma
  • Louis Vuitton Speedy
  • Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette
  • Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Louis Vuitton Neverfull is at the top of the list, which is not a surprise as this legendary tote bag is a must-have in any collection of designer bags.

The Most Popular Chanel Bags

For many years, Chanel has been one of the popular luxury brands among lovers of designer bags. It saw a sort of explosion in 2020 as some popular styles have been newly introduced to the range. The following are the most popular styles of Chanel bags according to Google searches:

  • Chanel Le Boy Bag
  • The Chanel Gabrielle Bag
  • The Chanel 19 Bag
  • Chanel Classic Flap
  • Chanel 2.55 Reissue

The Most Popular Yves Saint Laurent Bags

Previously known as YSL, Saint Laurent has taken over the designer bag market with bags that are unique and elegant. The gorgeous range of bags features the YSL logo which adds an extra touch of uniqueness to them. Below are the most searched for designer bags from YSL/Saint Laurent:

  • YSL LouLou Bag
  • YSL Sunset Bag
  • YSL Kate Bag
  • YSL Camera Bag
  • The YSL Sac De Jour Bag

The Most Popular Hermes Bags

Hermes is often regarded as the ‘most luxurious’ of designer brands all over the world, however, it doesn’t have such a wide range of designer bag collections compared to brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. It does have a major advantage with the famous Birkin bag. The demand for these bags has skyrocketed thanks to the influence of celebrities like Victoria Beckham and the Kardashians. The bags are available at exponentially high prices because they are extremely limited (you have to actually be given one) by a Hermes sales associate.

Note that the United Kingdom and China significantly boost the search popularity of Hermes. Only three Hermes styles are really popular:

  • Hermes Birkin
  • Hermes Constance
  • The Hermes Kelly Bag
  • Hermes Jypsiere
  • Hermes Evelyn

The Most Popular Prada Bags

Prada is globally recognized and has come up with a variety of elegant and classic bags over the years. But which of the bag styles from Prada are the most popular according to search data? Check out what we found below:

  • Prada Re-Edition 2005
  • The Prada Galleria Bag
  • Prada Tessuto
  • The Prada Double Bag
  • Prada Cahier Bag

The World’s Most Popular Designer Handbags

We now know the most popular bag styles for every one of the most popular luxury bag brands. Let’s look into which is THE MOST popular bag in the WORLD…

The result is somewhat SHOCKING, but nevertheless, it is not because of the massive popularity of the bag among some of the bigger influencers and celebrities in the world.

According to worldwide search data, the Hermes Birkin Bag is the most popular.

Most Popular Designer Crossbody Bags

According to the data obtained from specific designer brands and their most popular bags, the following are the most popular designer crossbody bags:

  • Chanel Le Boy Bag
  • The Saint Laurent LouLou Bag
  • Prada Re-Edition 2005 Bag
  • The Gucci Marmont Bag
  • Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Most Popular Designer Tote Bags

Designer tote bags are easy to use and can really come in handy for work and everyday use. Generally, a tote bag has a bigger size than a crossbody bag and allows you to carry items that are bigger and bulkier such as a laptop.

The following are the world’s most popular designer bags according to search data:

  • Gucci Tote Bag
  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM
  • Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

Summary of the Most Searched For Designer Bags

Hopefully, this guide on the designer bags with the most searches has been an inspiration and will help you choose your favorite designer bag! If you are concerned about the resale value of your bag, most times, purchasing a popular bag directly implies that it will resell for a good price in the future.

In general, it is obvious that popular bags have been tried and tested and therefore have every reason to be popular! These bag styles are not only good-looking but also very handy and easy to use.