How to Clean Ink Out of a Leather Purse

When properly maintained, a leather purse is a valuable luxury accessory that can serve for a long time. However, most leather items are often exposed to scuffs and stains. Ink, on the other hand, might leave the worst stain of all.

how to clean ink out of a leather purse

Ink stains can come from a broken pen inside your bag, when you accidentally touched the pen over your costly handbag after writing a note, or when a ballpoint ink pen’s cover slipped off. Whatever caused the mishap, you’re left with an ink stain that has to be cleaned up immediately.

Although you may believe that the nasty ink spot is the end of your leather handbag, there is still hope. Although there are several methods used to eliminate ink stains in leather bags, in this post, we’ll go over three of the most efficient techniques. The following process will show you how to erase ink from a leather pocketbook step by step:

Here are some of the needed items:

For the first method:

  • Soap-based cleanser
  • Cloth

Second method:

  • Ink stick

Third method:

  • Saddle soap

Fourth Method

  • Leather cleaner
  • Leather conditioner
  • Non-scratch scrubbing pad

Fifth Method:

  • Leather cleaner
  • Hairspray
  • Leather conditioner
  • Q-tip or cotton swab

Sixth Method:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Leather conditioner
  • Leather cleaner
  • Q-tip or cotton swab

Seventh Method:

  • Magic eraser
  • Leather conditioner

Eight Method:

  • Leather conditioner
  • Leather cleaner
  • Non-acetone-based nail-polish remover

Steps to Take Before Treating Ink-Stained Leather Bags

Discover the Leather Type

Identify the sort of leather before you begin fixing your ink-stained leather purses. It will be basically intact and incredibly absorbent if it’s naked leather. As a result, cleaning naked leather without the help of a professional could be tough. It’s best to hand it over to a dry cleaner right away to get it treated. Using home remedies to clean unfinished leather may take more time and effort than it’s worth.

In addition, a drop of water on the handbag will reveal if the leather is unfinished. If the water soaks into the leather, it is unfinished leather, and you will need expert assistance once more. However, if the water beads up, it signifies that the leather is finished and maybe cleaned.

Determine the Stain’s Depth

You can use the procedures in this article to try to remove fresh ink stains that are simply on the surface of your handbag. For a stain-free bag, you may need to have the leather professionally re-dyed if the ink has seeped in deeply and is extremely old.

Check the Manufacturer’s Label For Your Leather

A manufacturer’s label with care recommendations for the particular type of leather used may be found inside your leather handbag.

For rapid stain removal, there may be specific cleaning or conditioner recommendations. There could also be instructions indicated on the label concerning what you should not do to the leather, such as what will harm it or what will not clean it.

First, try it out in a small Area

It is strongly suggested that you test any of the treatments described in this guide on a minor area before applying them to your expensive leather handbag. Find a concealed section of leather and clean it using the cleaning procedure that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that the reason for testing a patch is not to see whether it cleans completely; instead, you’ll be checking to see if the cleaning method you’ve chosen will damage your leather or not. Spot cleaning is necessary to minimize additional damage to your priceless bag.

How to Clean a Leather Purse of Ink (8 Methods)

1. Cleaning with a Soap-Based Cleanser

Soap-based cleansers have milder effects compared to those based on solvents. Furthermore, they are a more efficient way of removing ink stains from leather. Using a cloth dampened with a soap-based cleaner, gently rub off the stain. Simply check your cleanser’s package to see if it’s soap or solvent-based since this information should be indicated.

2. Using an Ink Stick

Go for ink sticks made specifically for use on leather and use them to treat your leather purse.

When you take your leather item to a professional cleaner, they will most likely use an ink stick to clean it. Although this procedure is a little expensive to use, it is a bargain when compared to the high price you spent on your original leather purse.

3. Saddle Soap

Using a saddle soap helps to both clean and preserve the leather. Saddle soap, as the name implies, preserves and cleans the leather used in saddles. It is made by combining emollients like lanolin and glycerin with mild soaps. This mixture aids in the rehydration of leather after it has been cleaned. Apply a little amount of saddle soap to your leather purse daily if you want to extend the life of your purse and improve its condition. Strive for a proactive treatment rather than a reactive one.

4. Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

Leather conditioners and cleansers, just like saddle soap, can aid in the cleaning and hydrating of leather handbags. The essence of hydration is to prevent cracking in the material. Although ink stains are notoriously difficult to remove from leather, try these items to see if they help.

Instead of using a terry cloth applicator pad, use a nonabrasive and non-scratch scrubbing pad to apply the leather conditioner and cleaner. The reason is that these applicators are good at conditioning but not so good at removing persistent stains.

5. Hairspray

Begin by spraying a cotton swab or a Q-tip generously with hairspray. Take the swab and target the ink stain on your leather purse as swiftly as possible. After that, clean and condition the damaged area using a leather cleaner. With this step, you can keep the hairspray from drying out and breaking the leather. Repeat the procedure till the stain has vanished entirely.

6. Rubbing Alcohol

According to some leather users,  applying 70% rubbing alcohol to their leather has helped them. Wipe the ink stain using a cotton swab or Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Always remember to apply this technique with a leather cleaner and conditioner to avoid dehydration. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

7. Magic Eraser

Wet the tip of a magic eraser and rub it immediately on the ink stain. A unique substance used in magic erasers known as melamine foam helps to aggressively remove persistent stains. Finally, use a clean cloth to apply a leather conditioner to the affected area.

8. Nail-Polish Remover (Not Acetone-Based)

According to some individuals, a non-acetone-based nail polish remover will successfully remove ink stains. Simply dab a cotton swab with nail polish remover and wipe it against the ink stain to erase it. Complete the method with a leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the leather from dehydrating and cracking,

Final Thoughts

With these methods that have been exposed to you on how to eliminate ink from a leather bag, you can maintain the quality of your luxury items. Apply premium protection treatments to your leather items regularly. Keep it hydrated using a leather conditioner, to prevent it from drying out and cracking. With these practices, a seal will form over the surface of your priceless handbag, preventing ink and other stains from penetrating too deeply into the material.