How to Purchase Wholesale Designer Handbags and Purses

The best way to look stylish is through designer handbags, whether it’s from Fendi, Gucci, Prada, or Chanel.

Learn how to establish a trendy and excellent collection of designer purses in a few steps for boutique owners and consumers looking for discounts when buying wholesale designer bags or those who wish to start their designer wholesale handbag business.

A designer handbag, when purchased wholesale, combines style, discount pricing, and utility in one sleek package, whether used to give a pop of color to a monochrome ensemble or worn as the current designer “it bag.”

Select Your Ideal Wholesale Designer Handbag Design

Designer purses come in various shapes and sizes, as well as functions.

The following are examples of designer purses:

  • shoulder
  • clutch
  • drawstring
  • framed
  • tote
  • messenger
  • hobo
  • beach
  • round handled

Choose handbags to sell in your store or to add to your collection. Find out the maximum wholesale price that you’ll have to pay for each bag, as well as the resale profit margin.

Look at current wholesale handbag prices in retail stores.

You can also find the prices of handbags in major fashion and retail business journals.

Calculate the ultimate cost of each wholesale handbag by subtracting the difference between the retail and wholesale prices. The best discounts should be between 50 and 75 percent less than retail.

You’ll need to have a retail license when buying and selling goods in your state.

When buying designer handbags wholesale, both offline and online wholesalers will demand a copy of your current business license and a state’s sales and usage form. Contact your state’s Revenue Department’s Sales and Use Tax division. Discover the fees and requirements for these forms.

Look for Wholesale Handbag Deals at Auctions, Fashion Discounters, Online Retailers, and Trade Shows.

You’d find wholesale handbags in bulk at trade exhibitions for wholesale designer handbags and purses showcase. Using your preferred search engines, search for “wholesale designer bags and purses” to get a list of online trade shops that sell the latest designer handbags.

Wholesale handbags and bags may be found on sites like and Before buying any item, request images, product details, and more inventory information.

Get Approved for a Wholesale Buying Program

Ask for the requirements for purchasing before picking wholesale purses. For new consumers seeking a wholesale transaction, several online wholesalers ask for a minimum order of 50 to 350 units.

Consult the wholesale handbag line’s sales representative for purchasing and unit requirements before faxing or emailing your buyer’s order.

Place Orders for Designer Purses at Wholesale Prices

Before making a purchase, find out what the wholesale handbag minimums are. Calculate the overall cost of the wholesale handbags by taking into account delivery time and fees. All wholesale handbags must be purchased using a credit card that includes fraud and insurance protection.

Additional Tips for Buying Designer Handbags in Bulk

Depending on the time and place you buy your wholesale handbags, you may save anywhere from 50% to 80% off retail rates.

Inquire whether the business sells sample packs of wholesale handbags. Buy these purse bundles to test the quality of the luxury purses before making a larger purchase.

Another way to get big price savings on large orders is to develop connections with purse sales representatives for each handbag company.

Join the fashion show email list to receive advance notice of future wholesale purse product offers.

Finally, before buying a cheap designer handbag online, check the validity of the distributor by interacting with a salesperson and requesting a detailed list of business references.