Buying The Best Antitheft Travel Bags in 2021

Check out the best travel purses for anywhere you’re going, from Europe to Asia. Whether or not you think you are prepared for traveling, you may have a hard time outsmarting pickpockets. What extra measure is there to help you avoid getting robbed? Purchase any of the best anti-theft travel bags in this guide!

There is no magic in an anti-theft bag. You need to give first place to common sense at any time you’re carrying your valuables. Also, the chances of you getting robbed are slim if you own a purse specially made to prevent theft. Read this comprehensive guide to know the best and security detailed traveling bags available out there.

the best antitheft travel bags

What are anti-theft travel bags?

Anti-theft bags for women are purses, slings, or totes designed with features that discourage or prevent the theft of your belongings such as your phone, wallet, or passport. It’s a repellent for pickpockets.

How To Find The Best Anti-theft Travel Bag?

The features you should keep in mind before choosing an anti-theft travel purse are:

Crossbody Strap Length

A crossbody-style purse comes with a longer strap that rests on one shoulder, with its length sitting diagonally across your body. Compared to a shoulder bag, a crossbody provides more convenience for travel because it leaves your hands free. For more vigilance, keep it in position in front of your body.

Locking Closures

A theft-proof purse comes with solid closures. It may feature a zipper pull tag which would be attached to another zipper pull tag, or it may have a zipper that “locks” and is attached to a separate metal loop or tab. With these closures, a thief would be unable to slide a zipper open easily with one hand. The process is rather complex for most pickpockets to glide through.

Slash-Resistant Straps

Slash-resistant straps feature a flexible steel cable that runs through the nylon strap. This will prevent a thief from easily and quickly using a knife on your bag straps and running off.

Slash-Resistant Purse Body Material

For the body, slash-resistant material is used to form mesh body panels. This reinforcement forms a “webbing” beneath the main material. The purse cannot be easily ripped open because of the mesh and no content would slip out through the bottom or side of the purse.

RFID Blocking Technology

RFID is an acronym for “Radio Frequency Identification.” Theoretically, your information can be obtained digitally by a thief through your purse. This is done using an RFID reader, which captures sensitive information on passports, credit cards, etc. by emitting radio waves. RFID blocking feature on a purse prevents that. Though not an absolute necessity, RFID blocking helps for more precautions. A Slate article from April 2018 revealed that incidences of RFID skimming are few.

Additional Features

Depending on your destination and activities, think about other features. Do you want a lightweight purse or a heavy one? If you will be on the move with your purse for 6 hours or the whole day, then you want one that you would be comfortable with.

For the fashion-inclined, you want a style that will match your travel ensemble. Consider the versatility and whether you can carry the purse all day till evening. Is it prone to stains, or easy to wash? If you’re going to be traveling in wet weather, is the purse waterproof?

The market is filled with travel purses that are labeled “anti-theft”, but note that they may have only RFID-blocking and not be made from slash-proof material. Check out our recommendations!

The Top 7 Best Travel Bags

So which travel purses are the best? With locking closures, crossbody, and every other feature listed above. We have compiled the top 7 products that not only have all those features but are stylish as well. On Amazon, these best crossbody travel bags have high ratings!

1. Travelon Anti-Theft Tailored Slim Crossbody

travelon anti-theft tailored slim crossbody

The Travelon brand takes the cake for the most secure and stylish travel bags for women. And without doubt, the Tailored Skim Crossbody is the best travel purse.

The nylon twill Tailored Slim Crossbody purse has a slash-proof body and strong slash-proof straps. The main compartment features a locking zipper, which is great when you want to wear the purse across your body and throw it to your back. The strap can be unhooked while you’re out eating at a restaurant so that you can fasten it to a chair as an extra measure. There’s also a locking front pocket on the purse, which is great for keeping flat items like bills, airline tickets, or keys.

On the interior, there are three slip pockets (including a zippered one) and an RFID-blocking card and passport slots. In addition, it comes with a nice little flashlight in case you have to reach deep into the bag for your chapstick. It can hold a small water bottle, a small umbrella, wallet, cell phone, and a light scarf. It is great for everyday use even after your trip.

2. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

travelon anti-theft cross-body bucket bag

Amassing more than 2100 reviews, the Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag is the best-selling hit among the best anti-theft travel bags. A great traveling bag, this purse is an ideal day purse to go sightseeing with.

Travelon offers a strong, spacious, and pickpocket-proof purse with a slash-proof body, slash-proof straps, and RFID-blocking card slots. In the main compartment, there are three card slots, one zip pocket, and one slip pocket. It is deep and roomy enough to carry your cell phone, wallet, DSLR camera, and 50mm lens. On the outside, there are two slip elastic, side zipping pockets (expandable), which can hold a pack of tissue or a water bottle.

It is a very comfortable purse, perfect for an airplane purse, and suitable for everyday use. It is also a great companion for a whole day of sightseeing.

3. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

travelon anti-theft classic messenger bag

The body and adjustable straps of this bag of slash-proof nylon material, so you can carry yours with more confidence. It has a volume of (11×10×4.5 in), which makes it suitable for carrying anywhere from the airport, train, hotel, to exploring the city.

It has enough pockets and compartments. There is a zipper on the main compartment which can be locked into a loop as an extra security measure. An 8-inch tablet can fit comfortably, along with other items such as your phone, wallet, sunglass case, or a small book. It also features RFID-blocking card slots where you can keep your credit cards. There are two pockets with magnetic clasps on the outside for easy access. There’s also a pen loop slot.

It comes with two wall pockets where you can keep a small water bottle for easy access. It is made of light polyester material which has a subtle sheen, making it a suitable carrier for your day or evening outfit. It is a favorite among reviewers because it is lightweight and very functional to go around with all day. It also made them feel secure in crowds. In addition, it is stylish and easy to clean!

4. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 purse

pacsafe metrosafe ls250 purse

The Pacsafe Metrosafe purse comes with two lockable zipper compartments, along with two padded sleeves. An 11-inch tablet would fit in one of these. It also features two side pockets to hold a water bottle or an umbrella. There is a handy organizer on the front outer pocket, so you can easily reach for your phone and lock it away just as easily. The locking devices use a 2-step turn and lock process, so it would be difficult for a thief to quickly figure out how to open your purse.

The material used to construct this Pacsafe purse is a cut-proof lightweight steel mesh. It also features an RFID-blocking pocket.

5. PacSafe Citysafe CS100

pacsafe citysafe cs100

Pacsafe is another popular brand among the best travel purses for women. You can unhook the adjustable cut-proof strap when you want to tether it to a pole, chair, or stroller. To fix it back on your purse, use the lobster clip to attach it and rotate the hook to get extra security.

There is a pocket with zippers on the outside. This can be secured from opening by slipping the zipper lock into a fabric loop. Hence, it would be difficult to open the pocket. There is also a back-wall zipper on the other pocket which allows more organization. There’s a two-way zipper for the main compartment. The zipper can be tethered to another tab on one side. There is also another back-wall zipper, as well as a slip pocket for a phone or passport.

The main compartment features an iPad-compatible sleeve with RFID blocking. A Velcro flap opens up the sleeve. It is an ideal bag to go with while traveling through hotels and airports. It has enough room to hold all other essentials besides your wallet. Its construction is of waterproof nylon.

Most reviewers say this is a well-made nylon bag that they feel safe to carry around during their trip. They also enjoy the numerous compartments and pockets!

6. Sherpani Vale Bag

sherpani vale bag

This is a convertible purse that can be worn as a tote, crossbody, or shoulder bag. Sturdy, lightweight nylon and melange are the materials used to make this anti-theft purse. It is also waterproof. The interior is made with lime green material so that you’re able to find your stuff easily.

It features exterior zipper-lock tunnels, as well as a cord with which you can lock the purse to a chair. It has a slash-proof body and cut-proof straps, and the interior is free of bulky cords. A 10-inch tablet will fit inside. It is also very stylish and modern.

7. Lewis N. Clark Secura Premier Anti-theft Cross Body

lewis n. clark secura premier anti-theft cross body

On the exterior, this anti-theft purse is made of tough nylon and has a PU coating for water resistance, in case you’re out in the rain. It has a simpler organization – with fewer compartments and pockets, which could be a good thing if too many make you overwhelmed.

It comes with a single main compartment and zips in an upside-down U shape from the front. The interior contains two slip pockets that should fit most phone sizes and four credit card slots with RFID blocking. Also, it has one zip pocket on the inside. It comes with Magnaloft body panels and adjustable cut-proof straps which help protect your belongings from being stolen by irritating pickpockets.

Thanks to its slim build and compact size (a smaller edition of the Lewis N Clark Secura Line), it is ideal for day-long use so you don’t feel weighed down. It has a sporty finish because of the gunmetal trim. Its moss color would also be a nice look when you’re on a light hike. Its athletic look and lightweight construction make it suitable for outdoor activities. It is available in four colors.

Advantages Of Having An Anti-theft Purse:

Though the best travel bags are not magical, you can outsmart pickpockets with a very solid travel purse.

Antitheft Purses Are A Backup Security Precaution:

You can’t be a hundred percent conscious of your purse the entire time. You may consider yourself extremely cautious and having studied the activities of pickpockets, you are thinking of ways to outsmart them.

You Are More Confident And Have Peace Of Mind On Your Trip:

Some cities certainly have more bag slashers and pickpockets. Barcelona is a haven of pickpockets. Hence, when you visit a foreign country and your wallet gets stolen, it can be so much trouble to report a theft or missing passport.

Anti-Theft Purses For Travel Can Be Affordable:

A secure travel purse for women can be very affordable, pricing from $16 upwards. And Travelon, one of the most popular and highest-quality brands, has a variety of sizes and styles.

It Can Be Used As An Everyday Bag At The End Of Your Trip:

When they were newly introduced, anti-theft purses looked too casual, sporty, or point-blank ugly. But some fashionable options are now available that make travel bags look like stylish everyday bags. That means you don’t have to stash it away in your closet next time you’re traveling.


You have been introduced to the best anti-theft travel bags available on Amazon. In terms of quality, variety, and anti-theft features, the Travelon Anti-theft bags lead the pack. Another strong contender is the Pacsafe but it doesn’t have as many models and style options.

That’s not to underrate the travel purses from Sheparni or Lewis N Clark. Every brand listed above offers locking zippers, anti-slash bottoms, adjustable crossbody straps, and anti-slash straps (except Sherpani).