Who Made my Bag?


Who Made my Bag?

In a world of fast and forgettable fashion, we know the real answer is to go slow. Slow as in timeless designs and use of renewable materials that last longer than a season. Slow and fair in production from proper compensations and safe work environments.

Since Rana Plaza collapse more and more people are ask where their clothes, and bags are made and who made them, thanks to the Fashion Revolution Week.
We are contributing to this movement by answering to your question Who Made my Bag?

We make Pretty Simple accessories in Vietnam because it’s our home, a place of incredible opportunity making strides in South East Asia towards a greener global future.

When we founded our brand in 2019, our aim was to achieve sustainable production without any outsourcing and ensure fair wages and ethical working conditions. Every step of the production process is done in-house, from design to pattern, sewing and packaging, by 5 woman in total.

Transparency is one of our core values. That's why every time you purchase a bag from us, it has a unique tag with the person that handmade it.

🌿Let's make our world a better place 🌿