What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan leather and faux leather are the same thing – essentially a fake 'leather' material that does not use animal skin.

Is vegan leather plastic?

No, not all of vegan leather is synthetic (plastic). This is a big common misconception that all vegan leather is synthetic. There are 2 main categories of vegan leather: synthetic leather and natural fiber leather such as pineapple fibers, apple, cork, cassava starch and washable paper (paper leather)

What is Washable Paper? Why it's also called Paper Leather?

Washable paper is an innovative material, developed from natural plant fibers and guaranteed non-harmful substances in the production process from start to finish. It is called Paper Leather because it can mimic the look and function of genuine leather.

Is Washable Paper Biodegradable?

Our Washable Paper is made of 90 - 95 % of natural cellulose fiber which is completely biodegradable.

What about other 5 - 10%?

They are non-harmful substances for both human and environment, certified by OEKO-TEX®

Can I wash the bags in the washing machine? And how often I can wash?

Yes, for bags without structural shape you totally can. We recommend using a laundry bag for that.

No, for bags with structural shape. Only hand-wash

For both types, you can wash them many times whenever you feel it get dirty.

Is washable paper a recent innovative material?

No, actually it has been used in garment industry for many years. Are you familiar with the tag attached on the waistline of Levi's jeans? So that is the same material.

Is it water resistant?

Yes. It is

Can it withstand cold/hot weather?

Yes because it's a natural fiber based material. 

The plant fiber that used to make the washable paper, is it responsibly soured?

Yes. The manufactures of our washable paper material hold FSC certification. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Is it durable? How long the bag will last?

Washable paper is a highly tear resistant material. Unlike synthetic leather that will get worn out after while, washable paper will maintain the feel and look (many even say it becomes better) with time.

Its durability combined with the impeccable workmanship of our team members make the bags very durable and aim to last for not just one season. We know many cases customers have been used our bags almost 3 years so far and they are still in good condition.

How many weigh I can carry with it?

It depends on each bag and design. A laptop backpack can carry 3-4 kgs for everyday use.