About Us

Hey there, we’re Pretty Simple Washable Paper Bags.

Two Vietnam-based designers who share a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and a response to the call for sustainable fashion.

Our accessory line is everything we love and believe in. Bags designed to seamlessly fit you and your lifestyle. And that means all of the ups, downs and go-go-gos. We get it. We’re women, wives and mothers too.

In a world of fast and forgettable fashion, we know the real answer is to go slow. Slow as in timeless designs and use of renewable materials that last longer than a season. Slow and fair in production from proper compensations and safe work environments.

We’ve found another way to live in this world striving to keep up. Why not try the Pretty Simple way?

What We Believe

At Pretty Simple, we don’t approach style carelessly. We dream and design with our beautiful planet in mind, knowing that our future depends on the decisions we make today. It’s with this Environmental Consciousness that we strive towards mindful production and offer you pieces that will last by using materials that will last. Timeless designs that do less harm and more good offering Vegan Alternatives to customers looking for a real choice.

We make Pretty Simple accessories in Vietnam because it’s our home, a place of incredible opportunity making strides in South East Asia towards a greener global future. All of our Pretty Simple Bags are Handmade with Fine Attention to Detail and Impeccable Workmanship.
Locally designed and crafted, we are proudly made in Vietnam.

And here we’re dedicated to an Ethical Production Process from start to finish. That means fair wages for our labour force, an outright refusal of sweat and child labour and ethical working conditions that are safe, clean and accessible for our staff. We want you to see the connection in the choices you make. It’s why we sew the names of every individual responsible for the making of your Pretty Simple accessory into the bags themselves.

Green will go with everything you own and Pretty Simple fits.

All of our products are handmade with lots of love.