How to tell if your Prada bag is real?

Seven Steps to Authenticating your Prada Bag

How would you get to know if your Prada Bag is authentic?

Everyone loves Prada, the sneakers, clothes, sunglasses, pre, boots, shoes, the bucket hat, and the crème de la crème of its all, the Prada bag! People rave about the Prada shoulder bag, the handbag, the crossbody bag, and just about everything that comes from Prada are excellent!

You probably own a Prada bag, one you never joke with, that piece that completes every outfit you wear. We are sure you bear this bag like an egg that mustn’t be allowed to hit the ground. Quick question; did you buy that bag pre-loved? How sure are you that you received an authentic item? This is very important, making sure that your Prada is authentic.

Here’s everything you need to know about the authenticity of your Prada bag.

1. Take a look at two things; The Prada Dust Bag and the Authenticity Card

Every Prada bag comes with a silky or white soft flannel dustbag. The dustbag always has the Prada logo boldly imprinted on the front. This is true for most, but some bags may not have it exactly like this. You’d find a Navy dustbag with the Prada logo embossed in gold if the bag is an older version. Compare the font on the dust bag with the font printed on the rest of the bag, they must be consistent.

You’d also find care booklets within your Prada bag accompanied by a sealed authenticity card from Prada. The card contains the serial number of the bag and other necessary style information. Try to run a quick google search just to be sure that that the serial number and style information match the bag you have in your hand. Counterfeiters have grown smarter, some of them can build a close replica of the dust bag and authenticity card but you will always find that the fake replicas are low-quality pieces with prints that are poorly made with discoloration and badly skewed spacing.

How would you recognize a Prada authenticity card?

Check inside the bag for a small white tag with a number on it. This tag is small and square-shaped with the number on it representing the factory number of the bag. But do not be deceived, the fact that this bag has this tiny label doesn’t make it original!

2. Look Closely at the LOGO

Of all designer logos in the world, the Prada logo with its inverted triangle remains the most iconic. There are only a few as unique. You’d find very legible logo plaques, that are applied evenly to the leather material and attached to all original Prada bags. On all logo plaques, you are likely to find mention of Prada, Milano, and Dal 1913. Remember, the color of the plaque must not be different from the color of the leather bag.

Some Prada styles may not have the inverted triangle, instead, they feature a rectangular plaque containing the words “Prada Milano.” If you want to know whether a Prada bag is authentic or counterfeited look closely at the stitching of the logo plaque, then the font of the Prada logo. The Original Prada logo is found on the left while you’d find double stitching located within the left corner of the triangle. Besides this stitching, you’d find the R in Prada.

Pay attention to that R, if you do not find a small notch opening between the R, then this is likely a fake Prada bag.

3. Find the Plaque Within the bag

Besides the logo plaque on the bag’s exterior, you’d also find inner Plaques on all Prada bags. The design of this interior plaque is not always the same across all Prada bag styles. With older designs, you will find the inscription “Prada Milano Made in Italy” written in three lines while newer designs feature two lines that simply say “Prada Made in Italy.” With some non-leather Prada bags, you’d find a leather pouch within and not a ceramic plate. If you happen to find a fabric or plastic tag inside the bag, that’s a sure sign that you are dealing with a fake. Note, the color on the interior fabric and the interior plaque should always be the same. If they don’t match, then it is fake!

4. A Close Look at the Bag’s Zippers and Hardware

Prada zippers and hardware are always premium quality materials. The hardware remains one of the major markers of authenticity when it comes to Prada. You’d find cheap and easily discolored zippers and hardware on counterfeit Prada bags. On authentic Prada bags, you’d find high-quality hardware which would either be of the stainless steel variant or gold plated. Look at these carefully to be sure they have the brand name crisply engraved into them. This branding must be spaced well and remain legible. You’d find either gold or silver on the hardware, Prada would never go mixing colors on their hardware.

You will find the Prada name written in bold and all caps on hardware like Zippers, locks, buttons, metal feet, and buckles. Prada gets their authentic zippers from YKK, Riri, Ipi, Lampo, and Opti. You’d find the marks of these brands by the side or on the back of the zipper. Test the zipper to see if it runs smoothly by opening and closing them.

5. Always Check the Lining

All Prada linings are made using genuine leather or embossed jacquard fabric. The interior of a Prada bag contains as much detail as the exterior. On the jacquard lining of an original Prada bag, the Prada name is printed repeatedly while a line of rope motif is visible. You’d also find the Prada logo printed upside down on every line. You must pay attention to an important detail here, the letter A on the Prada logo should always be wide and must remain so throughout. You’d also find a pattern that shows the Prada name Horizontally.

The color of the printed lining should be the same or at least complement the color on the bag’s exterior. That said, all Prada designs do not have the printed lining, you’d find Nappa leather lining in some of their designs which portrays a very contemporary finish.

6. Check the Quality of the Stitching

Your Prada bag should have even and neat stitching. You’d always know a fake Prada bag by the messy and uneven stitching while on original Prada pieces, you’d have small, perfect, and even stitches designed using a durable thread that matches the color of the leather used in making the bag. If you see any glue stitching on the bag, it’s fake!

7. How Luxurious is the Leather?

Prada uses premium quality calf leather in making all their bags and this leather is always soft. While fake leather always looks real from a distance, it always feels stiff. The leather on a Prada bag is always rich and smooth irrespective of style; it could be printed, studded, ruched or classic style, but the leather is always the same. Pay close attention to the colors imprinted on the styles, with fake Prada bags, the colors are always shiny and bright but the authentic Prada will take a very smooth and even color.

Hopefully, with this guide, you have received the perfect understanding of what your Vintage and authentic Prada be should look like. If you have questions on how to authenticate your Prada bag or you’d like us to professionally authenticate your bag for you, do not hesitate to get in touch.