9 Step Gucci Authentication Check to Recognize a Real Gucci Handbag from a Fake

In 1921, Guccio Gucci opened his first Italian luggage boutique, and at the time, he must not have had tons of replica Gucci handbags littered all over the world in mind.

9 step gucci authentication check

These inferior bags are offered for sale by counterfeit handbag dealers in back alley boutiques and on the internet, however, you would need a genuine Gucci authenticity verification method to be able to identify an authentic Gucci purse from a replica.

Gucci Authenticity Verification: How to Tell If a Gucci Purse Is the Real Deal or Fake

1. Check the bag for fake Gucci details.

If you’re buying a Gucci purse from online retailers such as eBay, find close-up images of the Gucci logo.

Check for a leather tab that has the style/serial number printed on the other side of the tab, as well as the words, “Gucci Made In Italy” on the interior of the bag.

2. Inspect the Sales Receipt.

If you don’t find any close-up pictures, request the original receipt from the seller. While it is possible to fabricate receipts, it is impossible to fabricate the date of purchase and the sales associate’s number.

If you are buying a pre-owned Gucci bag, contact the store where the purse was originally purchased to confirm the information.

3. Check for Substandard Hardware, Zippers, and Clasps

Gucci bags and purses are constructed out of sturdy and dense brass. Look at the other side of the YKK zipper.

Inspect the replica bag to see if cheap plastic zippers were used rather than sturdy YKK metal zippers. If it is hard to fasten the clasps of the handbag, the bag is a counterfeit.

4. Examine the Materials of the Handbag

Authentic Gucci purses, handbags, or backpacks are always made out of the best materials: suede, canvas, leather, and patent leather.

The exterior seams of the bag should show uniform stitching, and it should feel supple and soft when you run your hands on the bag.

5. Examine the Lining of the Handbag.

One evidence of overall quality is the interior lining of the bag. If you come across a bag that has a shabby fabric or plastic-like lining that folds over at the seams, you have a fake Gucci product.

  1. Request for the Gucci Dust Bag

Authentic Gucci products always come with two kinds of dust bags.

The dust bag either features the double G logo or the ‘Gucci’ name branded in gold lettering on the front side of the bag.

If the bag comes with plastic wrapping, it is a counterfeit.

7. Find the Controllato Card.

There is a Gucci control system that makes sure all Gucci bags sold to customers are genuine. For every handbag sold, a controllato card is issued (controllato means checked in Italian).

The name ‘Gucci’ is printed in capital letters on the center of each card. At the bottom of the card, ‘controllato’ is written in lowercase letters.

8. Inspect the Seams For Imperfect Stitching.

A real Gucci purse should have consistent seams on the bottom and along the sides of the bag. The seams on an authentic Gucci will not be puckered, and the bag will not have any threads dangling out.

9. Check for the Gucci Bag Serial Number

Are there serial numbers for all Gucci handbags? Yes!

Depending on how old the Gucci bag is, the two rows have 10 to 12 numbers, with each row having a maximum of six numbers. Multiple handbags can also be found having the same vendor/supplier code in many cases.

Here is how to interpret the meaning of the numbers on the other side of the leather tag:

On the top row, the first six numbers represent the style number.

The numbers in the second row represent the supplier code. The six numbers at the bottom indicate the exact factory in which the leather goods were produced.

Telltale Signs of a Counterfeit Gucci

Crooked and uneven stitches on the edges and inner seams of the handbag.

No dustbag having the double G logo or having the ‘Gucci’ name spelled out in gold in front of the bag? This is a fake bag.

Gucci constructs their premium handbags using the best materials: suede, nylon, leather, and patent leather. Anyone who owns an authentic Gucci handbag will know how extremely pleasing it is to smell the Italian leather and rub their manicured hands all over the luxurious interior and exterior of the bag.

For bag lovers who are not purchasing their bags from a Gucci store or authorized resellers such as Saks and Neiman Marcus, these tips will help you identify authentic Gucci handbags from counterfeits.