11 Sustainable Christmas gifts of 2019

11 Sustainable Christmas gifts of 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching and to help you prepare we’ve put together a quick guide for local and sustainable gifting! Here are some of our favourite mindful products from Vietnam. A few might end up on your wish list, too! 

01. Cotton scarf by Mother Herb for the Globetrotter.
Slow and seasonless accessory line, Mother Herb Hoi An, handcrafts these gorgeous natural blanket scarves. Bright bursts of colour and each with a unique hand-dyed indigo trim. Mother Herb locally sources materials and empowers local communities. 

02. Sleeveless top by Nora Linen for the Fashionista. 
We adore linen. It’s naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, making it one of the gentlest fabrics. Nora Linen’s clothing line is a dream. Their timeless sleeveless tops could be seamlessly added to any wardrobe and would quickly become a fashion staple.

03. Fusion sunscreens by Coco Aloha for the Beach Bum.
Protect and nourish summer skin with Coco Aloha’s natural formula of Hawaiian harvest annatto seeds and thanaka powder. Not only are the sunscreen balms totally water-proof and long-lasting, they’re chemical free and safe for both skin and sea.

04. Fabric notebook by Pilgrim for the Deep Thinker.
Specially hand-wrapped journals with vibrant print fabrics from the maker’s cross-Asia adventures. Hundreds of pages hand-stitched for your filling pleasure. Pilgrim’s limited edition fabric notebooks never disappoint. 

05. Bamboo water bottle by House of Chay for the Busy Bee.
This handcrafted reusable bamboo water bottle by House of Chay is locally sourced and handmade in traditional Vietnamese villages. Silicone-free and heat resistant up to 75 degrees, this bamboo bottle is a takeaway must for all seasons.

06. Rosemary shampoo bar by Saigon Suds for the Wellness Expert.
We love a good shampoo bar and look no further than Saigon Suds. Their rosemary bar is all-natural and sustainably formulated for dry and brittle hair. The gentle coconut milk and restorative rosemary is a perfect blend with the added ylang ylang and lavender oils.

07. Coconut butter by Coconut Religion for the MakeUp Guru.
This cult classic by Coconut Religion is the perfect on-the-go add to your everyday bag. Jungle to jar, the silky coconut formula will have your skin feeling supple and nourished without all the extra grease. Best used on your hands, your face and all over.

08. Annie Wallet by Pretty Simple Paper Bags for the Stylish Vegan.
Our Continental Vegan Annie wallet takes care of all the details.  Vegan and certified cruelty-free paper leather, it's durable, lightweight and completely washable. The Annie wallet is effortless minimalist, vegan fashion at its finest. 

09. Organic cotton baby rattle by John n Tree for the Cuddly Newborn.
Infants and toddlers can snuggle up with this adorable John n Tree organic, stuffed animal. It’s cotton outer layer is 100% OCS certified with a polyester inner stuffing made to last, easy to wash and mould-proof. 

10. Rose tea by Rosalia for the Foodie.
What are the holidays without a warm cup of comforting tea? Some of Bao Hien Farm’s organic, whole rose tea would be perfect for chilly evenings in the city. The organic roses are grown without pesticides, herbicides or other chemical fertilizers ensuring full and natural flavours. 

11. Fleece blanket by Choi for the New Parent.
Choi’s gorgeous crocheted blanket is perfect for soft snuggles and baby wraps. The knit guarantees warmth and gentleness as it’s made of 100% certified organic cotton. Though the fleece comes in a few colours, we like it best in ‘natural’. 

What are some sustainable products on your shopping list this holiday?
Give the gift of mindfulness this holiday season.

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